University of Southampton OCS (beta), CAA 2012

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Bogdan Marek Bobowski

Last modified: 2011-12-15


Paper present work with e-ink reader devices with wireless internet 3G/ wifi used for field documentation on town excavations in Gdansk – Poland. Software is based upon publicly available web-based FreeApps named Creator distributed by Zoho –  Easy Recordings System. Mobile recording system allowed group work on descriptive data stratigraphic units become the standard for field archaeology. Creator web application was described on CAA 2011 in Beijing. In this article we present field experience in the recording of data with innovative devices. This web-based system supports multiple hardware platforms, including the iPads and any tablets or even e-ink readers with web browser option. In the rainy and snowy weather e-ink readers were the best hardware choice in our tests. We propose to integrate all data sources, such as text, images, maps, plans, and even movie records into one interactive online information solution for a better control and group working on archaeological projects. For field work on rescue excavations always important is time and fast data capture for the best results of creating complex reports. Management for field archeological projects requires proper data capture coordination. Even very good application for collecting data used in the office (post-ex) is not a good solution. We postulate the exclusive use of mobile applications used directly in the field and not in the barracks. Screens of mobile devices including popular iPad’s are not readable on direct sunlight. Few years ago Amazon released the Kindle, a revolutionary device with a sharp display readable in direct sun light. Device has a longer battery live, but the two most prominent and useful feature is the 3G or wifi connection. We use these popular e-ink readers with experimental web browsers for mobile connection with our web-based application for collecting data from field. The greatest innovation of these devices (which officially used for reading e-books) is a perfect adaptation for field recording with long weekly job without charging the battery.


fieldwork techniques, archaeology online, documentation & recording, web apps