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Advances in computational photography: techniques for conservation, research, analysis and public access

An improved algorithm of artifact restoration based on image reassembly (long paper)
wuyang shui, mingquan zhou, zhongke wu

Archaeological Information Modelling

Through an Archaeological Urban Data Model Handling Data Imperfection
Cyril de Runz, Asma Zoghlam, Dominique Pargny, Eric Desjardin, Herman Akdag

Computer-aided coin archiving and processing

Using Image Analysis to Match a Coin to a Database
Sebastian Zambanini
Automatically Recognizing the Legends of Ancient Roman Imperial Coins
Albert Kavelar, Sebastian Zambanini, Martin Kampel
Automatic coin classification and identification
Reinhold Huber-Mörk, Michael Nölle, Michael Rubik, Michael Hödlmoser, Martin Kampel, Sebastian Zambanini

Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) in archaeology and cultural heritage: achievements, problems and perspectives

The visualization of the archaeological information through web servers: from data records on the ground to web publication by means of Web Map Services (WMS)
Jose-Julio Zancajo-Jimeno, Teresa Mostaza-Perez, Mercedes Farjas-Abadia

Texturing remote sensing data processing for archaeological research: innovation and experimentation

First steps towards detection of archaeological objects in high-resolution remotely sensed images of the Silvretta Alps
Karsten Lambers, Igor Zingman

3D technologies for archaeological research: applications

Towards an interactive procedural reconstruction of the Louvre
Sven Havemann, Ulrich Krispel, Wolfgang Thaller, Rene Zmugg, Martin Pszeida, Dieter Fellner

GIS methodologies, applications and case studies (General Papers)

The Application of GIS in Ethnic and Folk Cultural Resource of China: Digitalization Types and Spatio-temporal Presentation
Xianfu Liu, Song Li, Gang Zhang, Ming Li

Terrestrial Geophysics (General Papers)

Higher precision at higher speed: Geomagnetic prospection near the threshold of sensitivity with the digitiser LEA D2
Cornelius Meyer, Henning Zöllner, Rudolf Kniess, Burkart Ullrich

La Question du Jour: Laser Scanning or Photogrammetry

Revealing hidden realities in archaeology through laser scanner technologies. A critical analysis.
Mercedes Farjas, Jose Julio Zancajo, Teresa Mostaza, Juan Gregorio Rejas