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Connecting to cultural heritage: using 3D visualisation to engage public audiences

Taking excavation to a virtual world: importing archaeological spatial data to Second Life and OpenSim
Isto Huvila, Kari Uotila

Reviewing spatial analyst in archaeological context, from disconnected components to a congruence way of integration

Ecological and social space in the high mountains in South Norway 8500 – 2000 BP
Espen Uleberg, Ellen Anne Pedersen

Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) in archaeology and cultural heritage: achievements, problems and perspectives

From system to society and safety: Twelve months of Consortium for the Earthquake-Damaged Cultural Heritage of Japan
Yasuhisa Kondo, Takayuki Ako, Yu Fujimoto, Yoichi Seino, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Tomokatsu Uozu, Akihiro Kaneda
Cultural Heritage Application Schema: a SDI framework within the Protected Sites INSPIRE Spatial Data Theme
Carlos Fernández Freire, Isabel del Bosque González, Pastor Fábrega Álvarez, Alfonso Fraguas Bravo, César Parcero Oubiña, Esther Pérez Asensio, Antonio Uriarte González, Juan Manuel Vicent García

Terrestrial Geophysics (General Papers)

Higher precision at higher speed: Geomagnetic prospection near the threshold of sensitivity with the digitiser LEA D2
Cornelius Meyer, Henning Zöllner, Rudolf Kniess, Burkart Ullrich

Recording and processing 3D data in archaeological practice (General Papers)

Social Spreading of Geometric, Recorded Data from a Range of Types 3D Scanners via a Web Data Server.
Jorge Angas, Paula Uribe, Alfredo Serreta

On a Smaller Scale: 3D Modelling and Analyses of Finds

Old stones & new technologies
Claire Rebecca Fisher, Richard Abel, Russell Garwood, David Underhill, Craig Williams, Nick Mark Ashton