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Archaeological Predictive Modelling: old applications to new environments and new applications to old environments

Ecological niche modelling for archaeological prediction: Case studies from the Pleistocene Levant and Holocene East Japan
Yasuhisa Kondo, Takashi Oguchi

Archaeological Simulation Modelling as computational social science: next steps forward

Evaluating Prehistoric Population Events in Finland: A Simulation Approach
Tarja Sundell, Juhana Kammonen, Martin Heger, Jukka Palo, Päivi Onkamo

Quantitative studies in Italian archaeology: new approaches to old problems

The Use of CFD to Understand Thermal Environments Inside Roman Baths: A Transdisciplinary Approach
Taylor Oetelaar, Clifton Johnston, David Wood, Lisa Hughes, John Humphrey

Modelling & sharing cultural heritage data (General Papers)

Information Models as Representations of Paradox of Change and Control in Digital Infrastructures
Teija Tuulia Oikarinen, Helena Karasti

Round-table: New interactive 3D solutions for cultural heritage visualization

Reconstructing the Baths of Caracalla
Taylor Oetelaar

Round-table: Problems, methods and solutions in archaeological prospection

Round Table Discussion
Kayt Armstrong, Chris Gaffney, Anthony Beck, Steve Davis, Klaus Locker, Karolin Kastowsky, Geert Verhoeven, Benjamin Vis, Jimmy Adcock, Jessica Ogden, Sophie Hay, Stephen Kay, Kris Strutt

Texturing remote sensing data processing for archaeological research: innovation and experimentation

New advances in the detection of centuriated field systems
Hèctor A. Orengo, Josep Maria Palet

The shoulders of giants: open content in archaeology

Re-introducing FASTI Online: FASTI and Furious
Jessica Ogden

Three-dimensional archaeology; recording, analysis and visualisation

Multi-scalar, multi-sensor, three-dimensional documentation: two case studies exploring the utility of various methods in different environments
Rachel Opitz, Katie Simon, Geoff Avern, Thann Baker, Christine Markussen


Integrating remote sensing techniques: the Penedes-Garraf (North-Eastern Spain) landscape case study
Irene Cruz, Hector A. Orengo, Josep M. Palet

GIS methodologies, applications and case studies (General Papers)

Spatio-temporal analysis of radiocarbon dated archaeological artefacts from eastern Fennoscandia – a Bayesian computing approach using a Poisson point process model
Juhana Kammonen, Petro Pesonen, Markku Oinonen, Tarja Sundell, Päivi Onkamo
A new approach for a peculiar Palaeolithic site: Spatial analysis at La Garma (Spain)
Alfredo Maximiano Castillejo, Pablo Arias Cabal, Roberto Ontañon Peredo

La Question du Jour: Laser Scanning or Photogrammetry

3D laser scanning for site documentation: Worth the price?
Philip Sapirstein, Katie Simon, Thann Baker, Rachel Opitz, Christine Markussen
Close-range photogrammetry vs. 3D scanning: Comparing data capture, processing and model generation in the field and the lab
Rachel Opitz, Katie Simon, Adam Barnes, Kevin Fisher, Lauren Lippiello