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Connecting to cultural heritage: using 3D visualisation to engage public audiences

Teaching Cultural Heritage and 3D Modelling through a Virtual Reconstruction of a late Middle-Age Church
Andres Bustillo, Ines Miguel, Lena Saladina Iglesias, Ana Maria Peña, Laura Martinez

Embracing uncertainty in archaeology

Uncertainty in sampling and interpretation: can ethnoarcheology help us?
Carla Lancelotti, Bernardo Rondelli, Alessandra Pecci, Fernanda Inserra, Andrea Luca Balbo, Javier Ruiz Perez, Victoria Yannitto, Charusmita Gadekar, Marco Madella, P Ajithprasad, Miguel Angel Cau Ontiveros

Geography and-or-not topology: spatial network approaches in archaeology

Re-contextualising inter-visibility networks with artefact networks for understanding urban connectivity in Iron Age and Roman Southern Spain
Tom Brughmans, Graeme Earl, Simon Keay, Leif Isaksen, Catriona Cooper

Linked open data for the ancient world

Sea++: Connecting the Ancient World with Pelagios Project
Leif Isaksen, Elton Barker, Rainer Simon
Archaeology and the Semantic Webs
Leif Isaksen, Kirk Martinez, Graeme Earl

Three-dimensional archaeology; recording, analysis and visualisation

3D model of Lugo’s Roman Walls (Galicia-Spain) using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
María J. Iniesto-Alba, Alicia Cañizares, David Miranda, Rafael Crecente

3D technologies for archaeological research: applications

Post-excavation analysis in archaeology using technology
Kostas Anastasiades, Nicola Amico, Giancarlo Iannone, Sorin Hermon, Karin Nys

Virtual Reconstructions: theory and practice (General Papers)

Combining diverse modeling techniques to produce high-fidelity reconstructions
Peter Anthony Inker, Taylor Baldwin

Recording and processing 3D data in archaeological practice (General Papers)

Combining Terrestrial Laser Scanning and techniques of digital image processing in “Archaeology of the Architecture” analysis, in the Walls of the Andalusian Site of Vascos (Navalmoralejo, Toledo-Spain)
María J. Iniesto-Alba, Miguel Bru, Estela Paradelo, Ricardo Izquierdo, Pablo Carballo Cruz