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3D technologies for archaeological research: theory & methodologies

3D Documentation for the assessment of underwater archaeological remains
Barbara Davidde, Gabriele Gomez de Ayala, Roberto Petriaggi

Archaeological Predictive Modelling: old applications to new environments and new applications to old environments

Mathematical models for the determination of archaeological potential
Gabriele Gattiglia, Nevio Dubbini

Computer-aided coin archiving and processing

Semantic Web Technologies Applied to Numismatic Collections
Ethan Gruber, Sebastian Heath, Andrew Meadows, Daniel Pett, Karsten Tolle, David Wigg-Wolf

Connecting to cultural heritage: using 3D visualisation to engage public audiences

Hands-Off: Using Kinect to virtually query the ancient Maya city of Copan, Honduras
Heather Richards-Rissetto, Jim Robertsson, Giorgio Agugiaro, Fabio Remondino, Gabrio Girardi, Jennifer von Schwerin, Maurizio Forte

Detection and analysis of change

Long-term change detection from the Mediterranean context: the case study of Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain).
monica de cet, simón gornés hachero, joana gual cerdó, elena sintes olives, bianca willié, rainer duttmann, roberto risch, johannes müller

Embracing uncertainty in archaeology

Uncertainty in sampling and interpretation: can ethnoarcheology help us?
Carla Lancelotti, Bernardo Rondelli, Alessandra Pecci, Fernanda Inserra, Andrea Luca Balbo, Javier Ruiz Perez, Victoria Yannitto, Charusmita Gadekar, Marco Madella, P Ajithprasad, Miguel Angel Cau Ontiveros
Reliability of the representation of a distribution: a case-study on Middle Bronze Age metal finds in the Seine valley.
Estelle Gauthier, Maréva Gabillot

From the scientist to the citizen: communicating digital archaeology

An Architect in Contemporary Archaeology, Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk

Geography and-or-not topology: spatial network approaches in archaeology

Graves and graphs: relational approach to mortuary analysis
Daniel Sosna, Patrik Galeta, Ladislav Šmejda

Joined-Up Data: what are the new research questions?

Linking data to explore Landscape and Identity in England
John Pybus, Xin Xiong, Chris Gosden, Zena Kamash, Chris Green, Letty Ten Harkel

Large databases and datasets

Archaeology in broad strokes: collating data for England from 1500 BC to AD 1086
Chris Green, Chris Gosden, Zena Kamash, Letty Ten Harkel, Xin Xiong, John Pybus

Linked open data for the ancient world

Linking Roman Coins: Current Work at the American Numismatic Society
Ethan Gruber, Gilles Bransbourg, Sebastian Heath, Andrew Meadows

Novel technologies for supporting archaeological fieldwork

A Free and Open Source Platform for remote sensing and 3D data acquisition.
Alessandro Bezzi, Luca Bezzi, Rupert Gietl
Identifying and tracing archaeological material with RFID tags.
Ana María López, Ana Maria Salinas, Eduardo Pascual, Guillermo Azuara, Gloria Fernández, Elena Gallego, Francisco Burillo

Quantitative studies in Italian archaeology: new approaches to old problems

Quantitative methods in italian archaeology: a review
alessandro guidi

Modelling & sharing cultural heritage data (General Papers)

Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europeana: the Iberian digital collections
Ana Martinez, Francisco Gómez Cabeza, Arturo Ruiz Rodríguez, Alberto Sánchez Vizcaino

Reviewing spatial analyst in archaeological context, from disconnected components to a congruence way of integration

Open source geostatistics for archaeology: the fauna of Fumane cave
Enzo Cocca, Enrico Guastaldi, Marco Peresani, Matteo Romandini
Integrating spatial analyses into foraging societies land use strategies. A case study from the Nalón basin (Asturias, North of Spain).
Miguel Angel Fano, Alejandro Garcia

Round-table: New interactive 3D solutions for cultural heritage visualization

Round Table Discussion
Alyson Gill et al.

Round-table: Problems, methods and solutions in archaeological prospection

Round Table Discussion
Kayt Armstrong, Chris Gaffney, Anthony Beck, Steve Davis, Klaus Locker, Karolin Kastowsky, Geert Verhoeven, Benjamin Vis, Jimmy Adcock, Jessica Ogden, Sophie Hay, Stephen Kay, Kris Strutt

Spatial thinking in archaeology

Formalization of scientific process and conceptual modelling for the study of territorial and products distribution dynamics (ArchaeDyn II programme)
Xavier Rodier, Laure Saligny, Frédérique Bertoncello, François Favory, Elise Fovet, Christina Gandini, Estelle Gauthier, Murielle Leroy, Laure Nuninger, Nicolas Poirier, Olivier Weller
Diffusion of Raw Materials and Manufactured Objects. A challenge for spatial analysis?
Estelle Gauthier, Olivier Weller, Jessica Giraud, Robin Brigand

The Virtuality-Reality Blender. Mediated and Mixed Reality applications in archaeology and cultural heritage

Reconstructing Victorian Newcastle through Augmented Reality and Mobile Technology
Ning Gu, Tessa Morrison

Virtual museums and virtual heritage

Back into Pleistocene waters
Augusto Palombini, Antonia Arnoldus Huydzendveld, Marco Di Ioia, Patrizia Gioia, Carlo Persiani, Sofia Pescarin

Archaeological Predictive Modelling II: applications

Landscape reconstruction and archaeological prediction in the Lake Manyara area, Northern Tanzania
Michael Märker, Geraldine Quénéhervé, Felix Bachofer, Christine Hertler, Liane Giemsch
Modeling Ice Patch Location via GIS Analysis of Topography - Short Paper
Nicholas Levi Jarman, Kelly R Monteleone, E James Dixon, Michael Claude Grooms


Alejandro Garcia, Diego Garate
Simulated paths, real paths? The study case of the Iberian Cessetania (iron age society). POSTER
Joan Canela Gràcia
Preparing High Resolution DTM to Prospect Ancient Roads in Saxony (Poster)
Reiner Goeldner
No more pencils, no more field books… Archaeological drawing from total station data and digital photography
Celia Goncalves, Joao Cascalheira, Alexandrina Amorim, Nuno Bicho
(Re)seeing the engraved block of El Mirón Cave (Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria, Spain)
Vera Moitinho de Almeida, Luis Teira, Manuel González-Morales, Lawrence G. Straus, Millán Mozota, Ana Blasco
ADeX for Protected Sites - Steps towards Standardisation in German Heritage (Poster)
Reiner Goeldner
QueryArch3D: A 3D WebGIS System linking 3D Visualizations to Archaeological Data
Jennifer von Schwerin, Heather Richards-Rissetto, Giorgio Agugiaro, Fabio Remondino, Gabrio Girardi
Prehistoric settlements, burial sites, ritual places reprocessed by GIS
Karin Göbel
Distribution analysis of bone findings in the prehistoric site of Mondeval de Sora (Belluno - Italy): issues and proposals
Maria Chiara Turrini, Giulia Rinaldi, Federica Fontana, Antonio Guerreschi, Ursula Thun Hohenstein


Enhancing surface features with the Radiance Scaling Meshlab Plugin
Xavier Granier, Romain Vergne, Romain Pacanowski, Pascal Barla, Patrick Reuter

3D technologies for archaeological research: applications

Extracting Scars and Ridges Features from 3D-scanned Lithic Artifacts
Eitan Richardson, Leore Grosman, Michael Werman, Uzy Smilansky
Instruments and methods for the survey and analysis of amphitheatres
Martina Ballarin, Francesco Guerra, Luigi Sperti

Ancient Italian landscapes: new insights from GIS, network and statistical approaches

Historic and archaeological itineraries for the discovery of Friuli during the Lombard period
Sara Gonizzi Barsanti, Davide Gherdevich, Donata Degrassi

GIS methodologies, applications and case studies (General Papers)

Testing for Nonlinear Settlement Patterns with Fractal Geometry: A Case Study from the Yalahau Region, Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico
Jennifer U. Weber, Jeffrey B. Glover
PyArchinit: Database Mangement System and Archaeological GIS
Enzo Cocca, Luca Mandolesi, Simona Gugnali, Manuela Battaglia, Chiara Cesaretti, Valeria Casicci, Alessandra Peroni, Chiara Di Fronzo
The SICAC: an information system for the Conjunto Arqueológico de Carmona (Seville, Spain)
Daniel González-Acuña, Alejandro Jiménez-Hernández, José Manuel López-Sánchez, Ignacio Rodríguez-Temiño, José Idelfonso Ruiz-Cecilia

Virtual Reconstructions: theory and practice (General Papers)

Digital Models – Associative Geometry: the peculiarity of monuments in extension. The eighteenth-Century Lisbon Aqueduct as a case study
Maria Helena Rua, Ana Cristina Chalaça Gil

Terrestrial Geophysics (General Papers)

The effects of seasonal variation on archaeological detection using earth resistance: Preliminary results from an ongoing study
Robert Fry, Anthony Beck, Chris Gaffney, David Stott

Archaeological method & theory (General Papers)

Crafting Archaeological Methodologies: Suggesting Method Engineering for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Charlotte Hug

La Question du Jour: Laser Scanning or Photogrammetry

3D Documentation in Archaeology: Recording Las Cuevas Site, Chiquibul Reserve, Belize
Fabrizio Galeazzi, Holley Moyes

On a Smaller Scale: 3D Modelling and Analyses of Finds

Old stones & new technologies
Claire Rebecca Fisher, Richard Abel, Russell Garwood, David Underhill, Craig Williams, Nick Mark Ashton