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3D technologies for archaeological research: theory & methodologies

The archaeologist perspective on the use of procedural modeling
Nicola Amico, Sorin Hermon

Archaeological Information Modelling

Through an Archaeological Urban Data Model Handling Data Imperfection
Cyril de Runz, Asma Zoghlam, Dominique Pargny, Eric Desjardin, Herman Akdag

Archaeological Simulation Modelling as computational social science: next steps forward

Applying Parallel and Distributed Computational Methodology to Modelling Irrigation Agriculture
Mark Altaweel

Artificial societies in prehistory and ancient times

Modeling Anthropic Ecosystems: a framework to understanding the whole before modeling the parts
Andreas Angourakis

Connecting to cultural heritage: using 3D visualisation to engage public audiences

Hands-Off: Using Kinect to virtually query the ancient Maya city of Copan, Honduras
Heather Richards-Rissetto, Jim Robertsson, Giorgio Agugiaro, Fabio Remondino, Gabrio Girardi, Jennifer von Schwerin, Maurizio Forte

Detection and analysis of change

Neolithic and Chalcolithic territorial patterns in Moldavia (Romania). Remarks on Neamt and Iasi regions.
Andrei Asandulesei, Robin Brigand, Vasile Cotiuga, Olivier Weller

Embracing uncertainty in archaeology

Uncertainty in sampling and interpretation: can ethnoarcheology help us?
Carla Lancelotti, Bernardo Rondelli, Alessandra Pecci, Fernanda Inserra, Andrea Luca Balbo, Javier Ruiz Perez, Victoria Yannitto, Charusmita Gadekar, Marco Madella, P Ajithprasad, Miguel Angel Cau Ontiveros

Integrated geospatial approaches to the interpretation of archaeological environments

Rural Life in Protohistoric Italy: using integrated spatial data to explore protohistoric settlement in the Sibaritide
Kayt Armstrong, Martijn van Leusen

Lightning talks

“TOMOBIKI Night” a Japanese Archaeo-GIS Ustream programme
Yasuhisa Kondo, Takayuki Ako

Linked open data for the ancient world

Data sharing in archaeology: vision, nightmare or reality?
Anja Masur, Christian Ansorge

Novel technologies for supporting archaeological fieldwork

Identifying and tracing archaeological material with RFID tags.
Ana María López, Ana Maria Salinas, Eduardo Pascual, Guillermo Azuara, Gloria Fernández, Elena Gallego, Francisco Burillo
ARCH (Archaeological Recovering for Cultural Heritage) and its application to the roman forum of Cástulo
Ana Martinez, Francisco Arias de Haro, Marcelo Lopez Castro

Quantitative studies in Italian archaeology: new approaches to old problems

Two heads are better than one - New approaches to identifying the origins of agriculture in Italy with DNA and C14
Keri A. Brown, Craig Alexander

Round-table: Problems, methods and solutions in archaeological prospection

Round Table Discussion
Kayt Armstrong, Chris Gaffney, Anthony Beck, Steve Davis, Klaus Locker, Karolin Kastowsky, Geert Verhoeven, Benjamin Vis, Jimmy Adcock, Jessica Ogden, Sophie Hay, Stephen Kay, Kris Strutt

Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) in archaeology and cultural heritage: achievements, problems and perspectives

From system to society and safety: Twelve months of Consortium for the Earthquake-Damaged Cultural Heritage of Japan
Yasuhisa Kondo, Takayuki Ako, Yu Fujimoto, Yoichi Seino, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Tomokatsu Uozu, Akihiro Kaneda

The Virtuality-Reality Blender. Mediated and Mixed Reality applications in archaeology and cultural heritage

Virtual Hands Free Interaction with 3D Objects and Environments
Dante Abate, Graziano Furini, Silvio Migliori, Samuele Pierattini

Three-dimensional archaeology; recording, analysis and visualisation

Recording on Commercial Excavations with the Nikon Archaeology iSpace System.
Maarten Smeets, Geoff Avern
Multi-scalar, multi-sensor, three-dimensional documentation: two case studies exploring the utility of various methods in different environments
Rachel Opitz, Katie Simon, Geoff Avern, Thann Baker, Christine Markussen

Virtual museums and virtual heritage

Back into Pleistocene waters
Augusto Palombini, Antonia Arnoldus Huydzendveld, Marco Di Ioia, Patrizia Gioia, Carlo Persiani, Sofia Pescarin


An integrated remote sensing approach for regional geoarchaeology in northwestern India
Francesc Cecilia Conesa, Andrea Luca Balbo, Bernardo Rondelli, Marco Madella, P Ajithprasad
No more pencils, no more field books… Archaeological drawing from total station data and digital photography
Celia Goncalves, Joao Cascalheira, Alexandrina Amorim, Nuno Bicho
QueryArch3D: A 3D WebGIS System linking 3D Visualizations to Archaeological Data
Jennifer von Schwerin, Heather Richards-Rissetto, Giorgio Agugiaro, Fabio Remondino, Gabrio Girardi

3D technologies for archaeological research: applications

Post-excavation analysis in archaeology using technology
Kostas Anastasiades, Nicola Amico, Giancarlo Iannone, Sorin Hermon, Karin Nys

Ancient Italian landscapes: new insights from GIS, network and statistical approaches

Rock-art in the taskscape: a GIS-based approach to understanding the role of Iron Age rock-art in the lived landscape of Valcamonica (BS), Italy
Craig Alexander

GIS methodologies, applications and case studies (General Papers)

A new approach for a peculiar Palaeolithic site: Spatial analysis at La Garma (Spain)
Alfredo Maximiano Castillejo, Pablo Arias Cabal, Roberto Ontañon Peredo

Recording and processing 3D data in archaeological practice (General Papers)

Social Spreading of Geometric, Recorded Data from a Range of Types 3D Scanners via a Web Data Server.
Jorge Angas, Paula Uribe, Alfredo Serreta

La Question du Jour: Laser Scanning or Photogrammetry

A new photogrammetric method applied to mining archaeology
Adrien Arles, Patrick Clerc, Florian Téreygeol, Jürgen Heckes

On a Smaller Scale: 3D Modelling and Analyses of Finds

Old stones & new technologies
Claire Rebecca Fisher, Richard Abel, Russell Garwood, David Underhill, Craig Williams, Nick Mark Ashton