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Managing data from multiple sensors in an interdisciplinary research cruise
Øyvind Ødegård

Last modified: 2011-12-15


In December 2012 the Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory (AUR-lab) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will conduct an interdisciplinary research cruise on the outer coast of Norway. The objective of the cruise is to test integrated operations from the university’s’ research vessel RV Gunnerus, using multiple platforms and sensors for underwater monitoring and documentation of both water column and seabed. Deploying a range of sensors (SSS, MBES, ADCP, CTD and Cameras) from AUV, ROV and the RV in integrated and/or parallel operations call for structured yet flexible procedures for planning, preparation and execution.  

This paper will focus on the sensor data management of the cruise. Much of the data processing and interpretation will have to be done in near real time as results from some work packages will define the scope of others. The paper will present the main challenges of establishing a GIS for archiving, analysis/interpretation and visualization of data from multiple sensors for a range of users from different disciplines.


marine; GIS; interdisciplinary; AUV; ROV; seabed